Le Studio
Le Studio

Le Studio

Our creative process

Welcome to our
Parisian Studio.

There, designers and pattern makers are busy working.
Fabrics are carefully selected and the prints are exclusive.

The wardrobe of our dreams

Behind Rouje, there’s Jeanne Damas and everything that inspires her. Looks drawing inspiration from past and present. And above all from women: the ones we cross in the streets or see in the movies, the ones we read about in books or meet eyes with in the subway.

"I'm fascinated by the styles of the women around me: how they walk, move, speak or wear their clothes."

-Jeanne Damas

Women above all

The Rouje cuts are more suggestive than revealing: in Rouje, we notice the woman first, then what she’s wearing. A slit showing some skin, a sophisticated décolleté, pants hugging the waist: femininity is in the details.

"At Rouje, Women are the ones designing for women."

The Rouje Look

It echoes the personal style of Jeanne Damas: Rouje’s signature silhouette is a mix of delicate dresses and menswear jackets, floral prints and chunky knits, 90’s mules and croco-like ankle boots.

The right cut

Each piece undergoes a long phase of research and the creation of several samples before Le Studio succeeds in finding the perfect design. Behind this demanding process, the desire to create a well-cut piece that will be worn for years.

"I like that we notice the woman first then her clothes, how she carries herself and tiny details that make her unique."

exclusive prints

All of our prints are either designed by Rouje, in our Studio, or in collaboration with our suppliers. Whether they’re floral patterns, polka dots with a modern twist or graphic squares: they all set the tone of each collection and are constantly reworked to stay true to Jeanne’s inspirations and desires.

Carefully chosen fabrics

Delicate lace, Italian knitwear, 100% cotton denim, second skin jersey, viscose crepe for a beautiful fit... At Rouje, we need our fabrics to be flattering and comfortable at the same time. Of course, the sustainable aspect is also top of mind: discover our commitments this way.

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