Rouje and women
Rouje and women

Rouje and women

Since the beginning of Rouje or more recently, behind the scenes or in the spotlight, in our ateliers or in our conversations: these women are the essence of Rouje. Jeanne has been surrounding herself with them since day one, they inspire her and bring Rouje to life… They’ve always been front and center.


A lifestyle, an apetite for beautiful things, a certain simplicity and sisterhood. The first ones who live La Vie en Rouje, are Jeanne Damas' friends: artists like Nina Koltchitskaia and Sophie Arancio, fashion designers like Nathalie Dumeix and Yasmine Eslami, stylists like Lamia Lagha, or muses like Adèle Farine, Michaela Thomsen, Alexandra Ricci.
Today, #LaVieEnRouje gathers the community of women who love, wear and share Rouje - multifacated and free, they make their own rules.

Ina Modja

Mona Walravens


Sophie Arancio



Les rencontres en rouje
Portraits of women by Jeanne Damas

Meant to be the continuation of the book In Paris, in which Jeanne and her friend, the journalist Lauren Bastide portray 20 Parisiennes, Les Rencontres en Rouje are intimate conversations that give a voice to the women of today. Whether they are film directors, activists or antique dealers, whether they live in a tiny room, a loft or a barge: they all inspire Jeanne. For Rouje, they open the doors to their homes and tell us about their personal projects and lives in Paris. Moments captured by Jeanne, through words and images.

Rouje for all
Rouje for all

Rouje for all

Taking a stance for women was essential and natural for us.
With these projects, we’re taking concrete actions at our level to support those in need.

rouje x la maison des femmes

La Maison des femmes in Saint-Denis is a place where women victims of violence are looked after through legal, medical and psychological aid. It’s in 2020 that Jeanne Damas met Dr Ghada Hatem, the founder, and decided to support her work. A capsule collection was created with the artist Nina Koltchitskaia, from which all proceeds were donated to the Maison des femmes. In concrete terms, this donation helped to create a surgical unit and a break room, in the Maison but to also be able to offer alternative therapies to patients.

Today, Rouje renewed its support for La Maison des Femmes: Jeanne Damas became their ambassador in December 2021 and this Spring Summer season, each collection offers a limited edition of one upcycled piece with a purpose. All proceeds will go towards La Maison des Femmes of Saint Denis.

Rouje x Empowher

We believe that entrepreneurship is key to women empowerment. Because the ones behind Rouje dream to give back by inspiring other women on this path: we support the non-profit Empowher. For the most recent International Women’s Day, Rouje was able to finance an entrepreneurship mentoring program for 30 women, thanks to Empowher.

rouje x les recréateurs

In 2021, Rouje partnered with les ReCréateurs, a community project helping to rehabilitate women facing housing difficulties through sewing.Personalized support is offered to them which in turn, allows them to find a steady job. In their Parisian atelier, they create upcycled Rouje scrunchies with fabrics from previous collections. A great way to give a second life to sleepy prints: a local, ethical and eco-friendly project.

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