Rouje for women

Upcycled and committed pieces

Rouje for la Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis

Jeanne Damas and the Rouje team are once again taking a stance for La Maison des Femmes of Saint-Denis. After a first collaboration in 2020, Rouje renewed its support to this one-of-a-kind place with Jeanne Damas becoming its ambassador in December 2021.

For each launch since 2022, we offer one upcycled piece produced with fabrics from previous collections from which 100% of proceeds will be donated to La Maison des Femmes. These pieces with purpose “Rouje for all” will help the actions of prevention, awareness raising, education of La Maison des Femmes.


Our committed product of February

Featuring a floral pattern from our past collections, a romantic collar and a strong commitment to social solidarity, Yasna is our brand new upcycled piece. 100% of the profits from this blouse support the initiatives of the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis.


Our committed product of January

Fauve, one of our most iconic models, is a sleeveless button-down dress crafted from our deadstock fabrics. This piece proudly stands with the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis with 100% of the proceeds being contributed to their essential work.

The origins of our commitment

Since 2016, Rouje has been creating collections with and for women, exploring different aspects of femininity and redefining what it all means.Jeanne Damas has always been inspired by the women around her and wanted to put them at the forefront.And to help those in need too: in 2020, Rouje unveiled a first collaboration for La Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis created with artist Nika Koltchiskaia. In 2021, Rouje supported the work of the non-profit Empow’her while producing scrunchies with ReCréateurs, a community project helping to rehabilitate women facing housing difficulties.

La Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis

La Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis is a place where women in difficult situations or victims of violence are looked after through legal, medical and psychological aid. La Maison des Femmes is funded by its consultations as well as by public and private funds (from individuals and corporate entities).

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